Know the origin of the national park's name


The leyend said that there was a princess called Curubandá, who fell in love with Mixoac, chief of a enemy tribe. When his father, curubandé, found out about the relationship, he threw Mixoac inside the volcano.

Curubandá went to live right next the volcano where his lover died, and there she gave birth to his first child. To allow this one to be with his father, she threw him in the volcano too.

Since then, she lived next the volcano until she became old and people used to think that she was a witch and  her house was known as "corner of the old woman" or in spanish "Rincon de la Vieja" and that's where the volcano's name comes from."



Hotel Rincon de la vieja lodge is designed to allow people to enjoy all the beautys that the region offers. Located at 1.5 km is the closes lodge to national park Rincon de la Vieja.

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What to do

Walk the trails of the national park, see the wildlife and the variety of  plant and insects as well as visit the mud pots and the beautiful waterfalls of the park are some of the activities that you can do.

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